We are a Christian organization committed to the outworking of the Biblical Christian Worldview in the workplace and in society at large…

Our deep conviction is that the Bible is not just truth about spiritual matters, but truth about all of reality, including the proper functioning of society and the flourishing of humanity.

Our mission is to equip Christians in churches, schools, businesses and other organisations across South Africa with the tools, resources and interventions that will enable them to be effective agents of redemption at work and in public life.

Latest book release

Working In A Uniquely Christian Way – Sibs Sibanda

Much has been written about the ‘theology of work.’ But as is often the case with theology, the big question is, “what does it look like here and now?” How do Christians apply this theology to the industries, vocations, companies and jobs into which God has strategically placed them in a way that is not only consistent, but facilitates inter-vocational partnerships for the gospel renewal of cities and nations? Starting from a solid theological bedrock, this book offers a simple biblical framework that can be implemented immediately by any believer in any vocation and in any position.

Our Message

We want to help Christians to reconcile their faith in God with the substance of their work. Our desire is that every Christian would better understand why their work matters to God, and be equipped to engage with their work from a uniquely Christian perspective.

The Mission:
Equipping Christians with
a vision and framework for biblical integration in the workplace, facilitating vocation-based networks and mobilizing the ‘Scattered Church’ through industry-led initiative.

Recent Articles


INTRODUCTION The Faith, Work & Economics (FWE) movement has gained much attention in Western Christian evangelical circles in the past few years, and a wealth of materials is available from both the USA and Europe (specifically the UK) relating to how Christians can integrate their faith with their everyday work and public lives. This report…

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